On May 31, 2022 the Golden Trezzini Awards Committee hosted a special meeting of the Worldwide St Petersburg Club under the support of Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Heritage Site.

The special event named 'Exterior and Interior of the Modern Temple: Church's Canons vs Inspiration', took place at the Imperial Court Church of the Resurrection in the Great (Catherine) Palace of Tsarskoe Selo.

Looted (of the 97 extant icons only three that had been evacuated survived) and partially destroyed during the Second World War, today the Palace Church has undergone restoration.

Revived in 2015-19, the interior of the Catherine Palace Church became a winner at the Third International Golden Trezzini Awards, Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project category.

Photos by Vitaly Kolikov

See https://www.goldtrezzini.ru/photo31052022/ for complete photo report 

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