Entries for the 6th International Golden Trezzini Awards kick off on February 15, 2023, at https://goldtrezzini.org. Every year, the Awards are held under the ‘Architecture as Art’ motto, and the prizes are distributed among the authors of the best projects from all over the world. Winners are selected according to the results of voting taken by the expert jury and on-line polling. The awarding ceremony takes place in the Hermitage. 

The Worldwide St. Petersburg Club and the Organizing Committee of the Golden Trezzini International Awards, supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia, the Union of Architects of Russia, a number of committees of the St. Petersburg Government, and other Russian and international agencies have announced that those willing to take part in the 6th Golden Trezzini Awards are invited to submit their applications as from February 15.

Named after the Russian architect of Swiss origin Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first official architect of St. Petersburg, who designed the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Twelve Colleges Building and other outstanding Petrine Baroque landmarks, the International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design have been taking place on a yearly basis starting with 2018.

The Honourary Chairman of the International Council of the Golden Trezzini Awards is Mikhail Piotrovsky, Chairman of the Board of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club and Director of the State Hermitage. The Jury for the Awards comprises 200+ experts from 30 countries across the globe. Their job is to decide the winners under 18 basic and 2 special categories. The winner of one more category – Premio del Pubblico (People’s Choice) will be selected by means of online polling taken by the visitors of the Awards web-site.The motto of the Awards is ‘Architecture as Art’. The main objective of the Awards is to add the most artistically valuable architecture, designer, scenography, renovation, and museology projects to museum collections. The Golden Trezzini Awards are the only architectural competition in the world that implies expert selection of newly made architecture, renovation, and designer projects of remarkable artistic value to be added to the museum collections. The works by the winners are added to the collection of Museum of St. Petersburg History and are presented during the annual exhibition. 

Participants from all across the globe – developers and engineers, architects and renovators, designers and interior decorators, scene designers, as well as students of architecture universities and departments — will be awarded the top prizes, gilded Golden Trezzini figurines. 

Participation in the Awards is free of charge. Competitors (both private individuals and companies) are invited to submit their entries at https://goldtrezzini.org on February 15 through September 15, 2023. As in prior years, the Jury voting will include two stages. The experts will check if the projects submitted can be categorized as works of art, assess the nominees’ professional skills, and see if adding the projects to the museum collection is justified. The Awarding Ceremony will take place in the State Hermitage on November 15, 2023.

3,300+ projects from 110 countries have claimed the Golden Trezzini figurines throughout the years of the Awards operation. In 2018 to 2022, the list of winners included projects from 22 countries. 

In 2023, the start of the entry submission will be announced on February 15 during the press conference in TASS. On the same date, the list of categories for the 6th Golden Trezzini Awards will be posted at the official web-site.

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