Sergio Ortín Molina, Valencia, proposed his works in the categories “Best Architectural Project by a Student”, “Best Project of Public Space by a Student” and “Best Architectural Design for a Museum”.

“Ethereal” – a project of reconstruction of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, proposes a spatial reconstruction of the aesthetics of the ancient spire, an immaterial tribute to its history, its character and its legacy.

Through an interpretive reconstruction of its formal limits and maintaining its ingenious structural system as a support for the intervention itself, carried out in an artisanal way in wire mesh, a millimeter cloud of intangible points is formed that captures the concrete state of a matter that no longer exists, in a time that is no longer hers. A contemporary ruin that values the historical document above its own materiality, relegated to a metaphysical plane that, although invisible, is capable of dialoguing with the past through the tectonics of silence and thought. A hybrid work, a contemporary palimpsest of art, space and time. Three terms united by fatality in a project that arises from the desire to construct absence through history, matter and memory.

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“The Island. Public Garden + Civic Center Valencia” project transforms into several at once, evolving and varying in scale as it travels the plot with an organic growth, from the degraded urban front to the water of L'Albufera. In this way, the three pieces unfold in length around an axis that breaks on itself to shape the architectural complex, regenerating the decadent through nature.

The context offers us a place where a confluence between the patent degradation of heritage, an unforgivable abandonment of nature and a conscious reproval of the past occurs. Nowadays, many small towns have to face the difficult compatibility between the maintenance of traditional culture and its adaptation to modern times. Moreover, the Albufera Natural Park is in great risk. At this point, a sustainable intervention is proposed as a reaction, in which not only architecture, history and landscape merge, but also that space, place and time participate together in the proposal.

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#FAV project proposes setting up an Art Prison Museum on the island of Favignana, Italy.

The island has everything necessary to become one of the main cultural and memorable points in the huge Mediterranean. Its castle and its history grand the visitor the inescapable atmosphere of the site where mystery and legends take place. However, this citadel which raised in other ages to guard and protect its coast from assailants, it’s mainly unknown now, and its slim contour seems to vanish in the petrous line of the mountain. The intervention desires to bring back to the site its ancient importance and enhance this privileged place turning it into a remarkable landmark, not just in the minds, but also in the views of the artists and visitors who approaches to Favignana from the distance. An intervention thought to show the world the outstanding works that Museum has in their top, and let everybody enjoy of them, in a citadel distinguished for its privileged presence of a constant landscape, a new dot in the map, the lighthouse of the Aegadian Islands.

The project on the Awards website

Sergio Ortín Molina, Master in Architecture from the Technical School of Architecture of Valencia, is nowadays a student of the Master in Conservation of Architectural Heritage at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. #FAV project is designed by Sergio Ortín Molina together with Miguel Ángel Ortín Molina.

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The International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design are named after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first architect of St. Petersburg and the founder of Petrine Baroque. The Awards have been held since 2018. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as Art.” The Awards are intended to acknowledge and promote architectural and designer projects that amount to works of art. The Honorary Chairman of the International Council of the Awards is Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

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