A City Within a Building

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
A City Within A Building» is a conceptual building redesigning the the concrete megastructure of the Motorgate Garage located in Roosevelt Island. We proposed to create a building that not only attracts visitors from Manhattan and Queens, but that brings a new experience for the residents of Roosevelt Island. Using AI technology to combine section drawings of existing buildings, we created spaces that much like Zaha Hadid, stem away from the typical 90 degree, rectangle building. We designed spaces that would bring life to the island, an island that was deeply impacted from the COVID 19 pandemic. «A City Within A Building» contains programing that would bring the community together throughout the day, for people of all ages. Programing includes a health facility (clinical facility, and a physical and mental health facility) , as well as art galleries that highlight the history of Roosevelt Island, an entertainment center and much more.

688 Main St, New York City, the USA

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Anthony Orozco, Natalie Marie Abrusci, Joshua Mendoza, students in the Bachelors of Architecture program at the New York Institute of Technology. This project was for our fourth year design studio where we were instructed by Professor Tom Verebes.