A Park Design for Martyrs

Best Landscape Architecture Project 

About the project
This project is designed to honor the 103 people killed and hundreds of others who were injured in a horrific terrorist attack while gathering to promote peace and equal rights in Ankara, Turkey on October 10th, 2015. This incident will never be forgotten among the Turkish people and many felt a project was needed to honor the people who are gone and those whose lives are forever changed because of this national tragedy.
The project area was a park-side in Izmir and authorities wished to preserve the present trees within the design. The main purpose was to design a park "In memory of the people we lost and for the people who were left behind.” In order to preserve the area's current park function, the same amount of green space has been kept. Planting areas have also been contoured for the purpose of increasing the park's overall usage. A canyon concept has been utilized to create this contouring. A terrace has been designed for increasing usable area and to embrace the visual effects.

Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey

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Applicant and authors of the project
Erhan Arslan.
«I'm a well educated and experienced designer. I've worked on over 100 interior, urban and museum projects in my 10 years career. My responsibility in my company is being head designer, leading design and construction teams, management and planning. As a designer, I always must be updated about technologies, new techniques and materials. That's why researching is one of the most important part of my job description.»
Project by Erhan Arslan, Burcu Turgay Arslan.