A Thousand Skies, Residential Tower

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
This project offers a unique response to its location that mingles nature with urban apartment life. The idea of providing public spaces and gardens for residents to enjoy an enhanced quality of living. The focus on creating a garden for each apartment is a response to the disconnection between high rise apartments and the lush greenery at street level in Tehran. A city that used to be full of natural gardens.
The most interesting aspect of the project is the atypical way in which the housing block is approached. Eighteen floors, a modular and systematic grid, vertically and horizontally creating a labyrinth with no repetitiveness or uniformity. A monolithic movement of greenery is spinning around, going higher and affecting each floor. This provides the same quality in different floors by creating varied and worthy sequences of life for users in all floors.
All these vertical changes in the facade, despite the creation of spatial complexities, granted us the ability to achieve the des

Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atizist Consulting Engineers, Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin

Other participants
Collaborators : Hassan Abedi