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For the development of this project, the organization of the outdoor space and the relationship with the elements of the cemetery were taken into account. The building fits into the natural and built environment of it’s surroundings.
The mission of structuring and organizing the form falls on the external square with a water mirror, aligned with an existing chapel in the cemetery. The volumetry emerges as a response to the forces imposed by the place and the circular movement of the square.
The main body of the Chapel embraces the square, establishing a close relationship by opening a direct access to the presbytery.
To the north is the main door, preceded by the vaulted atrium, achieved by subtracting a semicircumference.
The architectural object is completed with a second volume, which articulates with the main body through the water mirror square, in a harmonious connection that makes the proposal a single element.

Lixa, Felgueiras, Portugal

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stu.dere — Oficina de Arquitetura e Design.
Founded in 2016, by Ulisses Costa, dedicated to the development of Architecture Projects, Interior Architecture and Design.
The studio values the search for different approaches and architectural paradigms to respond to the challenges presented by each client, reflecting in the work a posture that questions the environment, which leads us to a perfect balance between the formal, strategic and sensory point of view.
Project by Ulisses Costa.