Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre

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About the project
The design of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre takes cues from the two unique premises that the site offers and working them into its architecture, creating a space that actively responds to its surrounding. First, by understanding the content – flamingos, which are migratory birds and the scenery of Al-Wathba Wetland is constantly on change; Second, by taking notes of the context – the story behind the formation of Al-Wathba Wetland, and that Abu Dhabi is being surrounded by desert, in which flat surfaces are always subjected to sand dust accumulation over time.
The design translates these unique qualities of the setting into its interest, creating a narrative space that transform seasonally to cater for different experiences, with stories of site unfolding itself. Contrasting the smooth curvature of wetland with the pink elegant stance of flamingos, the building derives itself as orthogonal interpretation of the subjects complementing the surrounding in a poetic interaction.

Al-Wathba Wetland, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

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Applicant and author of the project
Haipng (Heffrence) Teow.
Architectural designer from Malaysia, founded ALOT (Architectural Laboratory of Thought) in 2019 as a design research platform. His interest in architecture lies greatly in architectural narratives and transdisciplinary studies, believing that everyday objects and events around us influence the way we perceive and interact with space. With design, he seek to celebrate local context and culture with new urban intervention through an integrated emotional placemaking.