Accommodation for Athletes

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Casa dos Atletas (Athlete’s House) provides an answer to three main objectives: to comply with the functional program provided by the FPF; to locate the construction in a rugged and narrow terrain; to relate the construction with the existing buildings, concerning their alignments and architectural expression.
Based on these objectives, we developed a solution characterized by:
– Fitting the building in the uneven terrain, designing the new building with 3 floors to the south and a floor to the north, leaving a significant part of the social areas «buried».
– Maintenance of part of the slope on the south side, which acts as a «filter» between the new construction and the main field.
– Implementation and organization with all rooms facing south, with the circulation space to the north acting as acoustic protection regarding the surrounding roads.
– Alignment of the floors of the new building with the dimensions of the existing gabion walls.

Avenida das Seleções 1495-433 Cruz Quebrada — Dafundo, Portugal

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architecture and urban design firm based in Lisbon. Managed by Tomás Salgado, Nuno Lourenço, Carlos Cruz and Jorge Estriga.
Since 1984, we have carried out more than two hundred projects, many of which are built and in use, such as the Belém Cultural Centre, the Public Spaces for EXPO’98 and Luz Hospital, in Lisbon; the Antas Urban Project and Dragão Stadium, in Porto; the new Cruise Ship Terminal in Ponta Delgada, Azores; the Sky Buildings, in Luanda; and the Football City, in Oeiras.

Other participants
Structural Engineering – TAL PROJECTO
Electrical Engineering – SMLM
Hydraulics – SOPSEC
Fire Protection – ACTION MODULERS
Acoustics Consultant – ACÚSTICA & AMBIENTE
Landscape Architecture – NPK
Signage and Interior Design – P06
Building Physics and Energy Efficiency – DIMENSIONAR