Adaptable Boundaries

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
The design is a pilot project for a new type of hybrid school with medical facilities, to be carried out through a virtuous process of integral recycling of materials following the demolition of one or more obsolete schools. The design is based on coordination and expansion of urban public spaces, using prototypes as a starting point, to create spaces suitable for the latest pedagogies. At the same time, the school can be completely open to the public after school and during the vacation, becoming a school opens not only to students but also to all training activities.

Villa di Serio, Bergamo, Italy

Project design year

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Applicants and authors of the project
Linggu Gao, Xuepeng Liu.
«We are graduate students majoring in Architecture and Urban Design from Politecnico di Milano. This is a design for an architectural design studio we participated in the first year of graduate school. The professors of this studio are Pierre-Alain Croset, Elena Fontanella, and Deborah Briccola.»