AERONOVA — ecological concept city in Jordan Valley

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Concept eco-city in the desert on mountain terrain of Jordan river valley, Israel. Inspired by Aerocity concept of Lasar Khidekel.
City is planned in the air above the surface to preserve the unique landscape and to provide naturally improved climate conditions in the city’s desert environment — shadow, air circulation, lower heat emission, etc.
Planning concept is based on low-density residential clusters above the ground, that include all necessary services for inhabitants: education, health care, supplies and recreation. All the services are planned inside the structures holding the housing units.
Advanced public transportation network includes “aero-metro” tube for in-city communications, running under the hanging structure, and underground main road network for supplies delivery and destinations outside the city.
City concept implements advanced recyclable construction materials, to allow easy replanning and renovation of its buildings if will be required in the future.

Jordan Valley region, Israel

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Michael Lobovikov.
Freelance architect, experienced in urban renovation, restoration of historical monuments, and planning of special location sites.
Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Ariel University, Israel