Amoeba’s House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Amoeba’s House is located in Carilo, a small town 350 km from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A place with a large forest named Protected Landscape by the National Government.
The design was based on one of the most primitive living beings in nature. The Amoeba. An organically shaped parasite with different protrusions that adapts to the forest and undulating terrain.
The Nucleus of the amoeba, represented by the stairs, serves as the vertical circulatory axis. On the periphery, the plasma membrane, materialized by the glass skin that at times dissolves to connect with nature. The curved and undulating spaces of the house generate an unstructured dynamic, making the house live as an organism in constant transformation.

Calandria street 1134, Carilo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Diacono Arquitectos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The studio is formed by architects Adrian Diacono and Patricio Diacono, father and son. Our premise is to provide our clients with a unique creation in line with the specific conditions of the location and themselves. The assimilation of nature and vanguard design are key to our proposal. Each project is treated as a unique piece of art.

Other participants
Miller constructions
PVC Carilo
Caligari Materials


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