Amplitude village club

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About the project
This will be a public center in a village in the Primorsk district. It is divided into two blocks connected with an exhibition gallery. The block on the east is for education and cultural events, and the block in the west is for shows and sports. A square between them is used for gatherings during warm seasons. Каждый человек найдет себе найдет здесь занятие по душе. Объект полностью построен из дерева. The frame is made of LVL and CLT panels.
The flat green roofing can be accessed from the communication block. Photobioreactors on the facades are used for air treatment, and sun-protecting fins on the south and the west walls protect the building from overheating

Vityaz, Primorsk Territory, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Mikhail Lesik, student of Far East Federal University