Andromeda Reimagined

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
Andromeda Reimagined, a sanctuary in the Deep Playa of the Nevada desert during Burning Man, is a homage to heroic women. Following “Metamorphosis” theme, the design takes the original Greek tale of Andromeda — saved by Perseus from a death sentence before attaining celestial immortality — and reimagines Andromeda as a strong, independent woman who saves herself with the help of a supportive community.
The five-sided pyramid structure’s ornate CNC-cut patterned walls evoke the starry heavens and exterior fins mimicking the swirling cosmos. When illuminated from within, the installation projects its whimsical light onto the nighttime desert floor. The interior contains oval paintings depicting the reimagined narrative and an eight-foot-high concrete sculpture called “Freedom and Awaken” anchors the center. The structure’s white star-shaped cutouts and dramatic swirls represent infinite potential in the arc of planets and stars as they move across the sky.

Black Rock City, Nevada, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Form4 Architecture.
Form4 Architecture believes in returning a sense of humanity to Modernism through emotional meaning and poetic design. The San Francisco-based award-winning firm measures success by our contributions to society through a 2nd Century Modernist approach that balances expressive design, rigor, empathy, and sustainability to create captivating buildings and spaces that resonate with people and enhance their lives.
Project by Form4 Architecture / Playa Muses
Architect/Lead Artist: John Marx
Producer/Visionary: Brian Poindexter

Other participants
Consultants: Derrick Roorda, Burohappold Structural Engineer
Artist: Mary Graham (paintings)
Artist: Mischell Riley (concrete sculpture called “Freedom and Awaken”)
Poet: John Marx (poem)