Apartment for Mom

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
This is a gift from a son to his mom.
This apartment of 50 sq. m. is located in a newly built house, and its layout was quite favorable – the designers only had to reduce the closet and make the kitchen-diner roomier on its account. The spacious shower room is extended with a mosaic bench, and there are many interesting details in the interior like the wooden bass relief over the fire place. ⠀
Moreover, the interiors are exhilarated with works of art from Abramova Gallery, namely Flora by Galina Rusak, Two and Chess Equilibrium by Armen Gasparyan, Plein Air. Olive Grove No. 8 by Sergey Brukhanov, and Nocturne 9 by Alexander Pesterev.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project implementation year

Applicant and author of the project
Anastasia Mikolaunos, architect, interior designer

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