Ar Penthouse

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
This apartment, located in the center of Rome, has been completely modified as far as interior distribution and style.
It would be hard to recognize it today, if compared to the way it looked before the works.
The first criterion that guided the project was to open the space to the exterior and natural lighting.
In order to do so, the corridor was eliminated and three glass doors have been created into the wall that separates the day area from the large terrace.
The ancient building structure has been emphasized by restoring the precious wooden ceilings. A sage green with very light touches of gold and silver have been selected to enlighten the decors.
In the living room (where the existing ceiling was made of simple plasterboard) the double height of the space has been brought back to life.
Everything in this luxurious residence has been designed, and no details have been left to chance, because we strongly believe that everything in Interior Design can make the difference.

Rome, Italy

Project implementation year

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Applicant and author of the project
Carola Vannini was born in Rome in 1973; she graduated with a degree in Architecture from Rome “La Sapienza”. She continued her practical education by working in the architecture and design industry in other major international cities including New York and Paris.
After two years in New York, Carola returned to Rome and in 2002 started her own design company, Carola Vannini Architecture, which also focuses on interior design.

Other participants
Contractor: Edilservice. S.r.l.
Engineering: Francesco Accorsi