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About the project
The A.N.A. Hotel draws great inspiration from the surrounding nature and from the local culture.
The building, located in Rovaniemi, is a landmark, which symbolizes the extraordinary natural phenomenon of the Arctic Northern Lights, through its architecture. The hotel looks like a solitary sculpture interacting with spectacular nature. The sinuous roofing eroded by natural forces such as the wind and the solar action generated by the Northern Lights takes inspiration from the monumental rocks and from the vernacular dwellings of the halde, that is benevolent spirits of the Scandinavian tradition. Visitors can appreciate a structure that is one with the forest, the sky and the snow. The project is conceived in harmony with the typical ecology of the region and adapts itself to the surrounding environment without altering it.
The A.N.A. hotel is going to be a unique place able to generate positive energy and where you can admire one of the most indescribable spectacle: Northern Lights.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

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Applicants and authors of the project
Domenico Falci, Michele Piccolo, Antonio Carmisano.
«We are a creative team born from the interweaving of experiences, passions and knowledge gained over time. Our greatest goal is to blend architecture, art and nature in our projects, constantly looking for new stimuli that only the world of architecture can give.»