ARIA SAZEH Construction Holding

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Since the “ARIA SAZEH Construction Holding” building is located at the intersection of two important and busy streets of Tehran, the project was of special importance both in terms of architecture and urban landscape.
As a result, in my design I have implemented curved movements in combination with volumetric and color contrasts. I also have extended the green texture in the form of rhythmic lines from the base to the roof in order to increase the aesthetics of the building.
The landscape of the project site is connected to the building using the same rhythmic movements.
Green elements (trees), lawns, fountains, and seating areas along with a distinctive lighting design, are used to add to the visual appeal of the project.

Sohrevardi Ave, Tehran, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Gelareh Barzegar: «Receiving my M.S (with merit) in Architecture from Sh. Beheshti Uni, I concentrated my work on luxury bldgs. (Residential, offices, commercial, villas, and interior design). In the past 18 yrs, I have managed teams in several companies as the Head Architect. Currently, I`m running my own office Gelareh Barzegar Design Group.
Architecture is my passion, due to its dynamic nature that intertwines with the sense of time, sense of place, and culture of people, in collaboration with the defined functional purpose of the project.»