Arts, Craft and Technological Center

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The main idea of this project is to create one of the most advanced, eco-friendly, and sustainable building environments which are built with natural materials that reflect philosophies on diversity. It combines traditional arts and crafts with modern and innovative technical setups and tools to provide a unique innovation opportunity for differently able people (disable). The building consists of all systems and infrastructure required for differently able people to make their daily life easier thus empowers, promotes, generate job opportunities for upgrading their economic and living standards. . With the help of local craftsmen, split bamboo rods will be arranged into a parametrically generated lattice in outer and inner surface of with highly reflective glass in between the bamboo lattice. The building structure will be entirely made of waste-engineered wood.Accessible from all directions, “Welcome, feeling at building” features zero carbon emissions, renewable energy resources.

Koteshower, Kathmandu, Nepal

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Newtons Design.
Architecture design studio based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We specialized in architecture, interior design, and product design. We design every project to improve quality of life to create spaces that is sustainable, human, and healthy that is a joy to live in and make a positive contribution to the environment.
Architect Anmol Bhndari (Newton Bhandari).