Arya Technology Center

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About the project
The design process of this center started by maintaining the strip foundation on the site. A place had to be designed that, while creating a suitable and quality work space, would be organized in such a way that, in addition to providing technical and specialized services in the combination of laboratories and workshops, it would also provide crystallization of comfort and flexibility. The location of the project site in the southernmost position of the campus town and its two-way connection with the eastern street in the university site made us define an east-west passage among the existing network. In such a way that a pedestrian axis will be created in the middle of the project to connect the university and the technology town in the near future. The scientific mission of this center requires a modern approach in the design of this building to realize a technological place that is searched for in the two issues of «compassion and flexibility».

Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Polsheer Architects
Established in 1981 is considered today as one of the leading consulting firms in Iran , providing a wide range of consulting services in field of design and supervision
Over the past four decades, Polsheer has undertaken the design and supervision of a large number of distinguished building projects, and developed valuable experience in special concepts that enabled the firm to pre-qualify for participation and winning in several local and international competitions.
Architects: Mohammadreza Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei,Mariam Alikhani
Colleagues:Media Ghaneei, Zahra Rafiei, Mohammad Shafai
Graphic design and visualization: Nareh Gerakousian

Other participants
CEO: Mohammad Hadian
Structure design: Nahid Soleymani
Electric and mechanic: Naderpour, Shariat

Status of the project Conceptual design


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