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About the project
Framing the Sunset: in memory of Little Prince who once watched the sunset forty times when he was sad, and by looking at the sunset and the rising of the moon from the heart of the waves, a villa was designed for leisure in AsbChin, the northern region of Iran.
For us, the AsbChin Project was born out of the folds of the earth, waves of horse's mane in the wind, and the waves of the sea. The project was done by fluid plates rising from the ground (with functional roles like providing access, water flow control in the space, ramps for accessing the rooms, etc., and as a wrapper around the transparent cubic spaces of the villa) and by framing the sunset in the opening of the empty space in the middle of the cubes.
The combination of the fluid wrapper with the cube-shaped interiors created frames for the presence of elements, trees and other beauties of the environment. Fluid plates that embrace defined spaces, play a significant role in pursuing the vision of human movement.

Asbechin village, Mazandaran, Iran 

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Applicant and author of the project
Armeti Rahmani, A&T consulting architects.
Architect, pianist and poet, born in 1993 in Tehran. She learned piano under the supervision of Lida Barbariance.
When she was 21, she published her collection of white poems under the name of «Scarecrow of crow less farm».
Currently she is studying MA in architecture in West Tehran Azad University and she is the Lead Architect and Designer in A&T consulting architects.

Other participants
3D Visualization: Mohi Poursalehi & Farrokh Sarram
2D Planning & Graphics: Mitra Karami