Aspire House Mclean — Powder Room Vestibule

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
Federica Asack was chosen as one of the 33 designers to infuse a room in the newly built Aspire House Mclean 2020 with her own signature style. Her room was Powder Room Vestibule on the terrace level. The elegant transition space is seven-feet-by-five-feet with an entryway from the main living area with doors to the powder room and a storage space.
"To establish a sense of intimacy and a bit of magic and without guidelines from a client, I started the design process imagining this spot as a space where you could share a secret. A French antique statue in a vulnerable pose is my muse; she is laying at rest and infinitely comfortable as if hidden in the woods. To create style tension, I wrapped the statue in walls of flowers, even on the ceiling, and used a shape inspired by a traditional Indian pattern. A whimsical blue bunny from a contemporary artist and framed drawings of old Rome watch over her sleeping, while an antique chair and rug complete the setting.

McLean, Virginia, the USA

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Applicants and author of the project
Federica Asack, Masseria Chic.
Federica Asack was born and raised in Italy and moved countless times since she was a little girl.
​This lifestyle gave her great appreciation for the value of home, honed her sensibility toward aesthetics and informed her taste that she described as 'globally inspired'. She opened her designed studio in 2015 and she currently based in Northern Virginia, USA.

Other participants
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine, in partnership with Artisan Builders and Harrison Design.