Azrieli School of Architecture building at Tel Aviv University (competition proposal)

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The Azrieli School of Architecture features modern brutalism using local concrete and multi-layered facades that combine composite materials and Mashrabiya from perforated Corten steel plates. The irregular texture created by the shell is constantly ventilated and naturally illuminated during the day. The high ceiling ground floor combines gallery spaces, producing an active and open commercial wall to the main street and an inner street that connects all activities in the building and public areas adjacent to it. The modular design of the building allows for future changes and maximum flexibility along with the addition of floors, widening of the shafts, and traffic systems and provides maximum adaptability and adaptation to changing needs. The building is rich in energy and resource saving systems. It makes maximum use of recycled and environmentally harmless building materials with a minimal ecological footprint and the most up-to-date construction and operating technologies.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Dana Oberson Architects.
Dana Oberson, an Israeli-based leading architect, specializing in the design of projects on various scales. From luxury villas and apartments, private and public commercial spaces, offices to hotels and resorts in Israel and worldwide. Dana Oberson Architects studio, founded in 2002 by Oberson, maintains a holistic approach to all planning components. From environmental and landscaping aspects through the complex understanding of architectural spaces and the unique perspective to details & FF&E.
In collaboration with BODEK Architects.
Design Team: Dana Oberson, Oded Livyatan, Lior Inbar.