Azuma House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The story is that Azuma House is the residence of the Hilal and Mutia family who have children named Azima and Uzma. So the house is named after their children which means a Japanese name meaning «residence».
One of our biggest reasons why the house is in the shape of a white box is that we really designed this house starting from a limited budget. So, it is meticulously designed from the shape which is as simple as possible, as can be seen from the front facade. 2 masses of the box building are separated but inside the rooms are connected to each other. Thus, the connection in the middle area for the main entrance and airflow & lighting into the building is well-thought and optimized. Even though this house looks without windows but it is optimized that the room in the interior, the lighting looks bright as well as the fluid air circulation by using a perforated door. Minimalist design is used as can be seen in the shape and no ornaments with the full white color of the building.

Serang Banten, Indonesia

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Applicant and authors of the project
W+N Studio Architects.
Founded by Fauzi Wibowo and Ismat Nurhadi. The architecture and design work is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and Serang Banten, Indonesia. Fauzi Wibowo graduated from Istanbul, Turkey with a BSc. in Architecture Degree and has been working and contributing to international projects, he is an MSc. Student currently. Ismatullah Nurhadi graduated from Bandung, Indonesia with a BSc. in Architecture Degree and has contributed to and won numerous architectural competitions.