Bakirkoy Cumhuriyet Square

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In this context, the railway has been considered an important memorial space, both as a robust threshold that separates the square from the southern part of the city and its firm reference in the memory of the people of Bakırköy.
Train tracks make us stop. They sometimes invoke a farewell and sometimes an expected reunion. That's why we stop when we see a train, it contains a sad nostalgia in its ontology. Since the railways are uninterrupted, they give us a surprise horizon line in the dense housing stock. The land that these tracks step on is the same land people have been using for hundreds of years. In this context, the railway is the place where the cultural route is the most powerful space. This route relates to the railway in various ways. It goes down next to the railway, rises above it, becomes a platform, and presents the city as a viewing point overlooking the horizon.

Istanbul, Turkey

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Applicant and authors of the project
KAAT, based İstanbul, insists on producing a saturated architectural process in today’s speed-oriented world.
Founded by Lebriz Atan Karaatlı and S. Arda Karaatlı, KAAT Architecture + URBAN produces projects for the private and public sectors. The scale of projects covers everything that is related to generating a better spatial quality.
The office has various awards and practices from national and international competitions and events.
Architects Sacit Arda Karaatlı, Lebriz Atan Karaatlı.