Bandung Contemplation Park

Best Project of Public Space by Student 

About the project
Bandung Contemplation Park, Indonesia, is a thematic park to overcome loneliness and depression by contemplation, prayer, and meditation. This park is an escape space, where visitors seem to be isolated from the hectic outside world. Indonesian people who are religious, have a personal relationship with the Almighty to be able to strengthen their hearts to face the stumbling blocks in life, such as loneliness. In silence, the visitors will meet themself and the transcendent they believe in, where he will find a cure for loneliness. In the silence & sounds of nature, people will realize that the cure for loneliness isn’t from crowds, but by surrendering themselves to God and the universe, and make peace with themselves and the loneliness itself. Dialogue with God makes lonely person feels accompanied and appreciated for his existence. With the realization that he is valuable and impactful, loneliness is no longer a problem to live life even though you don't have many friends/relatives.

Jl. Kolam 2, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

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Applicant and author of the project
Karol Bimoseno.
«20th years old from Indonesia. I was born in Banjarmasin, October 28th 2000 Indonesia and grew up in a city called Yogyakarta. I’m an architecture student from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia and I’d like to become an architect. I have passion in the field of architecture, especially when designing spaces that use atmosphere to convey a meaning or story.»