Barilla Pavilion

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Proposal for the international design competition.
Conceptually the work is driven by two strategic goals. First to provide the functional adjacencies of the accommodation to enable the efficient operation of the pavilion and secondly to celebrate Barilla‘s journey with a new flagship building.
The interior of the proposed pavilion has been arranged in an open plan layout to provide flexibility but also to promote interaction and collaboration. All the events that are taking place and the different spaces will be open and visible, inviting visitors to explore and participate. The dramatic roof with the elliptical rooflights will provide the ideal backdrop for this research building providing a unique experience, combining gastronomy, history, art and culture.
The ‘Experimental Projects’ and ‘Research Area’ as well as the open courtyard become part of the ‘Experience area’ inviting visitors to explore the different parts of the pavilion as they navigate through the building.

Parma, Italy

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Additional information
Featured on, curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture 14/05/21

Applicant and authors of the project
Petros Tsoukalas architects