Bespoke apartment in the residential complex «Sadovye Kvartaly»

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
The family of Galitsky Jr., a famous Russian winemaker and investor, have recently decided to move to Moscow from their residence in Krasnodar. Their general enquiry was to get a modern fashionable interior, simple yet elegant. The main challenge, however, was to meet the deadline of 10 months for the project, engineering sections, all construction and procurement. In the context of both logistics crisis, pandemic an unstable economic situation, the deadline looked very unrealistic, but we managed to finish everything before the initial deadline. It is worth to mention that, just like in all our projects, this interior is distinguished by well-balanced proportions, clear open space layout, well-thought-out details, high doors, hidden plinth, light- coloured veneer and natural stone. Customers collect contemporary art: you find a sophisticated painting by Pavel Peppershtein in the living room, and a work of Yegor Ostrov in the hallway.

Efremova st., 10, building 1, Moscow, Russia 

Project implementation year

Project website

Applicant and authors of the project, team of visionaries with vast experience in designing unique and very different properties, from small apartments to private residences and world-class public spaces. With every project, studio dedicates its work to continuous search of a new interpretation of the minimalistic aesthetics and bespoke functionality. They see a key development mission in finding a large team of like-minded people and working on interesting projects around the world.

Other participants
Photography: Mikhail Loskutov 
Style: Natalia Onufreichuk 

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