BIRD space observation pavilion

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About the project
“BIRD” is a space observation pavilion. Bird is in the midst of a forest looking into the valley with clear skies to look up and be lost amidst the stars, looking out in the sky about to take its flight into the stars, metaphorizing and hinting at the abstraction of its form. The form is a derivative of intended directionality as a functional demand. The pavilion explores timber construction with the technique of wood bending. With the help of digital fabrication and computational logic, the pavilion is a research project exploring timber construction and bending of glulam as a fabrication technique. This hierarchy is analysed based on the number of lamellas that go inside the glulam, its bending curvature and its orientation, showcasing its viability for construction.

Barcelona, Spain

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Applicant and authors of the project
Aditya Mandlik received his Master’s from the Institute For Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Barcelona, graduating with honours for his thesis, on Urban Design, Strategy, and Architecture Design. He is also currently a visiting faculty at UMEA University, Sweden.
Project by Aditya Mandlik and Saurabh Singla

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