Black Chamber

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About the project
The project is a staging of Black Chamber, an opera whose libretto is based on the Tatar legend about 12 beautiful girls captured during the seizure of the Great Bulgar and burned at Tamerlane's order. One of the girls is the daughter of the Bulgar Khan. The warriors must deliver her to Tamerlane as a concubine, but they fail to find out which of the girls is the Khan’s daughter. However, someone tells them that the khan's daughter won’t burn in fire. The emir's nuker orders that the girls are brought into a stone chamber and set on fire. When the fire is over, the door to the chamber opens and the khan's daughter, all white and unharmed, comes out...

Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

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Karim Tinchurin Tatar State Theater of Drama and Comedy

Author of the project
Vladimir Samokhin, set designer


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