Bohem Project

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Bionic or biology-inspired engineering is the modeling of systems and mechanisms of nature and living things. This method is followed by innovation and the art of using living systems. By using this structure and adaption of nature, in the architectural process of the Bohem project, an attempt has been made to promote a sense of dynamism, growth, and fluidity alongside the evolution and aspects of aesthetics.

Farmaniyeh, Tehran, Iran

Project design year

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Applicants and authors of the project
Team Group: Davood Salavati, Nazli Azarakhsh, AmirAli Sharifi.
Davood Salavati, Iranian architect, born in 1980, has a master’s degree from the faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Science and Technology and Management (MBA) from the University of Tehran. With the construction of its architectural studio in 2011 under the name of Team Group, has designed and implemented various residential, office, and commercial projects. He has been a lecturer at the Islamic Azad University.

Other participants 
Technical Drawings: Asma Pirouz, Mahsa Aghahasel.
Presentation: Mahsa Aghahasel, Pouya Sanjari, Ahoo Rezaei.

Project status
Under construction



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