Brick House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The house extends across the width of the land to catch the sun at all times. Both the materiality of the brick and the different volumes make the house look like a giant sculpture.
Its apparent heaviness and hermeticism of the south facade, is counteracted by a great lightness and opening towards the garden to the north.
The large access staircase leads us to a patio with a lot of vegetation, which gives you privacy and intimacy from the street. And it generates a special atmosphere when arriving and leaving the house.
The house has a close relationship with landscaping, landscaping should be enjoyed from inside the house and not just from outside.
As architects we are responsible for people's happiness and their mental health.
And that is why we design, to make our costumers happy.

Canelones, Uruguay

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Obes Rompani Arquitectos.
Arq. Santiago Obes and Arq. Tatu Rompani.
«We are two childhood friends, who always knew we were going to be partners, 3 years ago we decided to get together to do our own study and now we have the best job we could have.
We generally agree on aesthetic opinions, to the point that we already know the other's opinion without even asking, we argue but we don't fight, we share a taste for music and we have a band, and we complement each other very well at work.
But most importantly, we love what we do and we enjoy working.»