Brooklyn Parasyte

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
How can a Stadium function within a residential zone without creating a problem and becoming a «white elephant»? Like a parasite (the stadium), feeding from the host (the city), it extends its roots (bridges) into the residential spaces below it, serving as veins to «feed» (people). Submerged within its commercial venues, a multiplicity of practice field exist, allowing for the typical team warm-ups to become a spectacle for the general public

Brooklyn, New York City, the USA

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Applicants and authors of the project
Ramses Terrero and Christopher Crocitto.
Ramses Terrero is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Nobody LLC, a multidisciplinary Design Studio. He serves as on Adjunct Professor of Florida International University's School of Architecture teaching Design Studio and Graphics for Architects.
Christopher Crocitto is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Clique.The.Mag, a Multi-Media & Design Platform.