Private Bungalow in Ahmedabad

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Connecting past to the present! The inspiration behind this residence was taken from the humble Pol houses of Ahmedabad.
This two storied abode in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is composed of three cuboids and is designed to be completely Vastu compliant. A rectilinear canopy creates a bold extrusion at the entrance.
At the center of the house, a Brahmastan or courtyard is kept empty for a preexisting tree that continues to grow there. A visual connection is established with the upper floors through the courtyard and a mesh roof provides natural light.
The interiors have an interesting play of materials and light, making all the corners lively and timeless. Shaded balconies and metal mesh work at the outdoor spillage area creates a cozy and personalized experience.

Ahmedabad, India

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Mandviwala Qutub and Associates (MQA). 
The team at MQA concentrates on delivering smart and efficient designs which are created with keeping our eyes in the future. It is through built spaces that we experience life. MQA firmly believes that as architects and urban planners we influence the way human existence evolves.
Project by Qutub Mandviwala, Mita Patel.

Other participants
Photographer: Palak Javeri


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