Campus of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

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This university campus for 6 thousand people is a symbol of today’s approach to education. It is an essential element of the university ecosystem and the student life in general. It is open for a dialogue with the city and is also a part of it. The premises of 65 hectares comprise 8 facilities built from scratch, including the training and lab blocks, the conference center, and two living houses with coworking zones, a fitness house, a food court, and a recreation area.

Kaliningrad, Russia

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Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.) e-razrabotannaya-gradostroitelnym-institutom-giprogorproekt/ -s-proektom-novogo-studencheskogo-kampusa-bfu-im-i-kanta-v-kaliningrade-razrabotannym-gradostroiteln ym-institutom-giprogorproekt/

Mirproekt, town planning institute of spatial modeling and development

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