Casa entre Jardines

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
“Casa entre Jardines” can be defined as the result of a design that responds to several consignees: an atypical terrain with a wider front than its depth, as well as a self-evident loyalty to the nature of its materials. The ashen chromatic of the facade, the usage of the golden ratio, and the modesty of its volumetric design makes this residence inimitable. Moreover, the distribution of the house allowed to project 4 gardens, by which its name was given. Its greenery incorporates the delightful aromas of lavender, sage, and rosemary; making the whole concept of living “Casa entre Jardines” a sensory experience that inspires introspection and meditation.

Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
MEM Arquitectos
Mexican based firm, whose motto is based on the quote of the famous architect Mies Van der Rohe , “Less is more” (for its acronym in Spanish “menos es más”). The nature of MEM Arquitectos designs goes under the prompt of maximizing the usage of space, clean facades and chromatics that inspire you become one with the building, thanks to the notable devotion to the nature of materials.