Cathedral of Maria Auxiliadora, Marawi City, Philippines

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About the project
It has been more than three years since the battle in the Islamic city of Marawi in Lanao del Sur erupted, flattening nearly all the buildings within the city centre and its periphery. Marawi is the largest Muslim city in Southern Philippines, a country that is predominantly catholic.
The concept is derived from a human eye as it is the window to one’s soul that allows people to connect with their surroundings and helps maintain the sharpness of the mind. Like windows, the eyes work both ways. They are not only important in seeing into another person’s soul, but they are also vital in how someone views the world around them. Vision as a metaphysical concept enables someone to understand the significance of an event and draw different interpretation.
In commemorating the battle of Marawi, this serves as symbolism of hope, a reminder and the story keeper of wars, triumphs, defeats, birth, and mortalities that happened in the past.

Marawi City, Philippines

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Additional information
The project is conducted for the annual design competition held by the College of Architecture with this year's theme of Religious/Ecclesiastical Architecture. In commemorating the 500 years of Christianity here in the Philippines, the Cathedral project is located in a Islamic city that experienced first-hand terrorist attacks. This project serves as symbol of hope and homage to the fallen soldiers and unsung heroes of the country during the long period of war.

Applicant and author of the project
Xyruz Jior Unlayao Caluag.
 fourth-year Architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. He is an award-winning student who excels both in the academe and in national level. Some of his notable works are aligned with building typologies such as religious, restaurants, hospital and recreational buildings situated in the Philippines. Together with his vision of strengthening Philippine architecture, he is always out to experience and learn something new.

Other participants
This project is conducted by the University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture sponsored by UAP Cal. The whole batch approximately 300 students passed their entries and this specific project won the «Champion» and «People's Choice» awards.