Central Gorky Park development concept for Krasnoyarsk

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
The layout of the park is based on a triskele, an ancient spiral symbol that refers to three original elements: fire, water, and air.
One of the main landmarks of this major Siberian park will be the Bridge of the Wishes, a pedestrian overpass of 200 m, offering a perspective view over the park. Besides walking and sightseeing, visitors will be able to buy colorful ribbons at the park, make their wishes and tie the ribbons to the bridge railing.
Another highlight of the bridge is a vista point overlooking the banks of Yenisey.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Inga Glushkina, 1st year student of Master’s program at Dahl Lugansk Sate University