Chapireh Residential Building

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
The most important element of project design was to pay attention to the context, cultural harmony, and to consider a new look at the native architectural patterns of the city texture. The Chapireh Residential Complex is located in Dezful City. The area is known as the city of bricks- A city that has a historical texture rich in brickwork, elements and brick decorations. Therefore, the most basic part of the work has been the appropriate use of the contextual approach in design. In this regard, several visits were made to the old parts of Dezful city and studies on the culture of the people of the region. Indigenous architectural patterns such as Sabat, entrance porch, lattice bricks, especially on roofs and windows, privacy in the facade and inside the building, alignment in the alleys (chapireh) and layers of bricks in the parts that are consoled, were some of the patterns that are more in Design considered.

Dezful City, Khuzestan Province, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
The name of the Biodesign Architecture Office is taken from the biophilic approach in architecture. The theory of that, Believes: in order to protect the environment, man must first be brought closer to nature and somehow linked to his originality. So this theory first raises the need for love of nature and then its preservation.
In Biodesign Architecture Office, we also considered the main principles of coordinating and bringing the space closer to our nature and the context of the project.
Chief architect: Hossein Hallaj.
Co-authors: Arash Zia, Mohsen Hendizadeh.

Other participants
Contractors: Mohammad Arjmand, Mohsen Hendizadeh
Customer: Mohammad Arjmand