Charisma Lounge

Best Implemented Creative Space Design 

About the project
This project, ordered by Charisma Hedge Fund, must meet needs of different users. Our strategy for designing these separate spaces next to each other has been based on placing each of the sub-spaces as they are functionally complete and sufficient, but have a different visual appearance to facilitate addressing. Therefore, in order to create a monolith space, we decided to integrate the waiting spaces related to different sections in one area, so that access to different spaces would be possible from this wide and integrated corridor. We called this space the green lounge and in the middle part, we dedicated the entire width of the project to it. In order to be able to inspire honesty and thus trust and confidence in the people visiting through interior design, we tried to eliminate walls as much as we can and design other elements as transparent and clear as possible. 

No.283, Beheshti St, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Dash Consulting Engineers Office, founded in 2011, has been designing and executing more than 60 buildings and also cooperating with experienced experts in this field, believes that functional and creative design, promotes the quality of interaction between humans, nature and the environment.
Design Assistants: Amin Rezazadeh, Bahar Majlece, Saeid Dorostkar, Shahrzad Bahman

Other participants
Photos: Deed Studio

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