Children's Healing Garden

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
Due to today's urbanization, the distance created with nature and the decrease of human contact with it, physical and mental problems and diseases have been created for all age groups, especially children, and therefore healing gardens have become one of the needs of stressful life in today's society. These gardens provide a suitable platform for human interaction, especially for children, with the environment and the involvement of different senses and the promotion of physical and mental health. Outdoor play also improves the child's immune system, stimulates his imagination and creativity, and prepares him to enter the next stages of life by gaining experience, education and communication with nature, living beings and all kinds.
With the spread of COVID 19 and its spread our team has made plans in this field to prevent the spread and elimination of the disease chain along with the activity and presence of users in urban areas and the use of urban facilities with the least risk.

Tehran, Iran

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Additional information
Winner of World Architecture Awards 38th cycle, one of seven selected projects of Pooyesh Startup — Science and Technology Park of Islamic Azad University, Winner of Disas-Tech — Natural Disaster Specialized Event, Finalist of ReTechs Cup 2021 — Festival of Applied and Problem-Based Research & winner of World Architecture Awards 32nd cycle.
The project has also been published in various national and international media and websites.

Applicants and authors of the project
Architectural & Landscape Designer: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi
Research and Development: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi, Sajjad Kheirmand Parizi, Hanieh Lotfipour & Iliya Ghanbari
Advisors and guides: Dr. Mohsen Moosavi, Faculty Member of the University of Mazandaran; Dr. Mohsen Kafi, Kiarash Kohansal, Nima Arzhangi & Farshad Rezakhanloo
CG Artist: Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati, Shirin Jahed & Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi
Responsive designer: Zahra Ebrahimi
Islamic Azad University — West Tehran Branch (WTIAU) / Rawagh Studio

Other participants
Translator: Hanieh Lotfipour