China Railway Egret Art Center Chengdu

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
This project is also a brand-new attempt to design the mixed form of civic commerce and residential areas. High-rise residential buildings are arranged around the base, and commercial buildings are placed inside the base in a courtyard style. Integrated with Ba-shu culture, a civic leisure culture block that conforms to the living concept of the old urban areas of Chengdu will be formed. Based on the revival concept for old urban areas of «culture promoting commerce, commerce driving real estate, and real estate changing the environment», it can not only improve the environmental quality of old urban areas, but also ensure the source of funds for renovation, obtaining opportunities for sustainable development. It also makes the modern and historical cultural elements form a dramatic conflict, giving play to the Beicheng culture with contemporary vitality here.

Chengdu, China

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
China PT DESIGN® provides full service in land acquisition, urban planning, architectural design, preliminary design, drawing design and the design contract, as well as widely extending services such as evaluation after project, market promotion, updates on stockpile properties, specialized engineering consultants, BIM design and the research on industrial systems within architectures.


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