CIMITERIUM — Fertilise the planet with floating cemeteries

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About the project
Nowadays, dying, just like living, proves to be a very polluting process. Burials and cremations liberate a large quantity of carbon.
CIMITERIUM is a temporary sea island of serenity and contemplation. The floating megastructure will be home to each and every being in their earthly afterlife. Each person will be able to lay a plant in one of the millions of compartments on the island. The plants will be nourished by a rich compost made naturally from the decomposition of body remains into humus by microorganisms. It is a reconnection to earth, to fertilise the planet. This completely ecological process is called Humusation: transformation of bodies by microorganisms into Humus.
Once maximum capacity is reached, the island will undock itself to become a vessel, wandering off on a journey of no return. Anchored in open sea and cradled by the wind, this novel forest will take on its role of pollinating on a planetary scale and serve as a sanctuary for migratory species.


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Applicant and author of the project
Adam Fernandez, graduate of the National Superior School of Architecture, Versailles; architect at Atelier COS architecture et patrimoine, Paris