Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
This apartment is located in Florence near the historic center and it has been recently renovated in a modern style. The sober and linear style of the furnishings was enriched and embellished by the use of chairs produced by the artist Cosimo De Vita in collaboration with the company Savio Firmino, all equipped with NFC chips for blockchain traceability.
This iconic line of chairs is a tribute to some of the most beautiful monuments in the world. The chair becomes a symbolic object, which encloses the city and its values.
The CITYNG project is a celebration of the world: it was born from the dream of seeing different realities, cultures and aesthetics, coexisting in harmony around a table.

Florence, Toscana, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
Project by Savio Firmino, Cosimo De Vita.

Savio Firmino, thanks to the Contract Company Savio Interiors, operates internationally as the ideal partner for architects and interior designers. It curates every aspect, from the design to production and logistic, for a complete service in the hotel, commercial, residential and interior design contract sector. It guarantees high quality know-how and, thanks to the tailoring approach, provides solutions in line with the needs of each customers.

Cosimo De Vita is a craftsman, artist and designer. As an artist, he draws inspiration from his artisan roots in the way he creates his art and uses innovative design in his construction. His art strives to transform an everyday object into a metaphysical work. There is life behind the art, a dynamic movement present in the act of sitting: the existence of cumulative memories of the past and a simultaneous creation of future memories in a single act.