COAF Smart Campus Armavir

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
What if we don’t need to build just buildings in order to give spatial shape to our needs?
What if we need to synchronize and dive to nature for the desirable result?
We have started our project with these main questions. Coming from the program and analyzing the site from different points, we came up with the idea of merging, layering and connecting shapes and environments. And what is more important is connecting with people, children and everyone who may be here. In one word, we have created AMALGAMATION.
Our proposal is about creating a sustainable environment. Coming from this idea, we’ve created a small city with all needed infrastructure, an organism that nourishes itself. There are “pedestrian ways as well as roads for cars and other machines. The landscape opens up to the panoramic views of Armenia”
The core of our project s land of the site. By analyzing the specifications of this area, we came up with the idea of creating one large land of vegetation and trees.

Armavir Region, Armenia

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
ZMX architectural studio, Yerevan-based architectural practice founded in 2020. «We work with any scale from interior design to architecture, scenography, analytical research and urban planning. We create research-based projects and explore interaction between human body/mind and space through spatial propositions, through ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, RESEARCH.»