Cocoon Cabins hotel

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Mountain Cabin Hotel Cocoon: sustainable ecological architecture developed on a single level and designed for short stays and tourists interested in direct contact with nature, it consists of a bedroom with bathroom, kitchen and a large outdoor terrace. The construction system is based on an important concrete platform, wooden structure and translucent glass to take advantage of the visuals of the environment. The interior decoration would be very rustic with exposed wood finishes, fabrics and natural textures. At first it was thought for tourists interested in direct contact with nature and in climbers or lovers of outdoor sports. The idea is that the cabins are far from the cities and can only be accessed by walking for a long time, through our own efforts. The circular terrace allows you to be very close to the landscape. After a hard walking tour, the reward is enormous: a pleasant stay in communion with nature.


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Applicant and author of the project
Veliz Architect — Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana, architect and designer: «My main activity is directed to the field of architectural design and 3D visualization. My team and I work professionally with architecture and simulation software.» Office with residence in Cuba.