Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
This summer house, located in Comporta, was inspired in the traditional architecture of the area, in the beautiful Palafitic Pier in Carrasqueira, a structure composed of hardwood pillars and beams supporting a path that gives access to fishermen’s sheds and boats. This house is built on a sand dune and elevated through a hardwood piles and beams structure. Composed of various wooden boxes dispersed along the plot, tied together by the circulation, the house invites the light to flow in through the space in-between and enhances the dialogue between the interior and exterior as one flows through one space to another. Each volume corresponds to a specific division of the house, interconnected by a lighter and more transparent element that communicates between all the spaces, and which extends to the southern limit of the house to create a covered space on the outside.

Comporta, Setúbal, Portugal

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Almeida Fernandes, Arquitectura e Design.
«We believe architecture is intimately connected to people, and has the opportunity to improve our life and the world we live in every day. It is a vehicle for transformation and for evolution. Our designs are deeply inspired by the context they are set in, whether sociological, material, historical, they have the ambition to mirror and innovate through their cultural surroundings.​ Our clients are completely involved in the design, in a dialogue that specifies each detail for a perfect fit.»

Other participants
Contractors — Carmo Wood
Kitchen — Fabri
Landscape — Escala
Photography — Francisco Nogueira