Crafts Museum

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
This project is located in a park in harmony with the topography of the land. Accordingly, the process of forming project spaces inspired by tree roots is progressive. A square module expands into the ground, and each space tells its own story independently, encouraging visitors to explore the project spaces. According to the project approach, the materials are without final processing and completely exposed, in order to welcome handicrafts (handicrafts with human and natural processing) in the best way.

Laleh park, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and author of the project
SN (Sajjad Navidi).
«I completed my master's degree in architecture. I always like to face new challenges in my life, to learn, and to learn. I’m interested in sustainable architecture and I like to design for people in deprived areas using indigenous materials. I think all human beings have an equal right to a comfortable life in this world.»