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About the project
The building is inspired by a type of cactus called Crassula which is a symbol of love for nature, endurance, quiet life and survival. The distinctive feature of this building, which is designed according to the concepts of bionics and sustainability and the circular model, is its pyramidal shape, which is reminiscent of one of the prototype of pyramidal architecture called Choghaznabil Ziggurat in Iran. We tried to design a unique building using proportions of nature and combining it with ancient Iranian architecture, which, in addition to its stunning beauty, also has the ability to connect man and nature. In this building, large windows and balconies blur the line between interior and exterior and create a pleasant feeling. Using biotechnology techniques such as proper ventilation, windows orientation to use light and heat, the use of bumps and trees to create shadows and select colored ceilings to reflect sunlight reduces energy consumption, costs and carbon production.

Ashtian, Markazi, Iran

Project design year

Project status
Conceptual design

Applicants and authors of the project
Mitra Mohebbi, Amin Moazen, Mahsa Mohebbi

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