CREA — Cooperative Bank

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This project is the outcome of a nationwide competition hosted by a cooperative bank, which was seeking to build a new and innovative head office.
The idea behind the project was to identify symbols or particular features of Cuenca’s culture that customers of the bank would associate with the local architecture. Therefore, we analyzed the representative elements of the local culture. In this way, by transforming some of the most symbolic elements of Cuenca, into geometric forms, it was possible to integrate each part into the architectural design.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Project design year

Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and authors of the project
Creative Union Network, boutique architectural practice specializing in new-built and major renovation projects in Canada and Ecuador: «As architects and designers we strongly belief in creating meaningful spaces which reflect client’s lifestyle and vision. Designing a livable space is deeply personal, and we work hard on making the experience purposeful and breezy.»
Project by 
Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla, with: David Bustillos, Karla Mogrovejo, María Inés Ochoa, Christian Tamayo, Gabriela Pérez, Fernando Amaya.

Other participants
Constructor: EJEPROY
Landscape: Fora_paisajismo

Status of the project
Under construction